Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bulk renaming of file extensions


# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
# as published by the Free Software Foundation.

# Thanks Monica for making this code :)

# This program is used for changing file extensions on files
# eg.
# perl /home/username/filelist.txt
# NB file list cannot have \ (backslash) character in them.

# If you want log file of transformation send to log file
# perl /home/username/filelist.txt > conversion.log

# syntax of filelist.txt
# multiple lines similar to below
# "/home/username/filename1-you-want-to-change.mp2"
# "/home/username/filename2-you-want-to-change.mp2"
# "/home/username/filename3-you-want-to-change.mp2"

$csvfilename = "$ARGV[0]";

open(HANDLE, $csvfilename) || die ("Couldn't open that file");


close (HANDLE);

#read each line
foreach $line (@raw_data)
chomp ($line);
$line=~ s/"//g;

# old extension / new extension
$line=~ s/mp2/mp3/;

# prints new file name to screen
print "$line\n";



Friday, November 13, 2009

This is the original /etc/rd.conf





; [SoftKeys]
; This section can be used to program the RDSoftKeys applet, or you
; can use the --map-file= switch to configure multiple soft
; key setups on the same host.
; Columns=10
; Command1=hithlum.srlabs.loc:GO 3 1 1 0!
; Legend1=Telos 1 ON
; Color1=red
; Command2=hithlum.srlabs.loc:GO 3 2 1 0!
; Legend2=Telos 2 ON
; Color2=red

; If you are getting no output level meter indications with an older
; ASI card (such as the ASI4215, ASI4113 or ASI4111), tru uncommenting
; the following line:
# UseStreamMeters=Yes

; Log Generation
; These are mainly useful for debugging!


; JACK Session Management
; See the 'JACK.txt' file for details on how this works!
; [JackSession]
; Source1=rivendell_1:playout_0L
; Destination1=alsa_pcm:playback_1
; Source2=rivendell_1:playout_0R
; Destination2=alsa_pcm:playback_2
; Source3=rivendell_1:playout_1L
; Destination3=alsa_pcm:playback_3
; Source4=rivendell_1:playout_1R
; Destination4=alsa_pcm:playback_4
; Source5=rivendell_1:playout_2L
; Destination5=alsa_pcm:playback_9
; Source6=rivendell_1:playout_2R
; Destination6=alsa_pcm:playback_10
; Source7=alsa_pcm:capture_1
; Destination7=rivendell_1:record_0L
; Source8=alsa_pcm:capture_2
; Destination8=rivendell_1:record_0R
; Source9=alsa_pcm:capture_3
; Destination9=rivendell_1:record_1L
; Source10=alsa_pcm:capture_4
; Destination10=rivendell_1:record_1R
; Source11=alsa_pcm:capture_9
; Destination11=rivendell_1:record_2L
; Source12=alsa_pcm:capture_10
; Destination12=rivendell_1:record_2R

Monday, August 31, 2009

Small Tip - make your tab completion case insensitive

You may know that if you have a directory called


and you want to change to it, you have to do something like this

cd My-[TAB]

And you will end with the full command like this.

cd My-Documents

But, if you do this

cd my-[TAB]

You will probable hear the system's beep and nothing else, because Linux is case sensitive, if you want to be able to use TAB with capital letter or without it, add this line to /etc/inputrc, or to $HOME/.inputrc

set completion-ignore-case on

Now it will work with the capital My-Doc... or without it as in my-doc ...

(This tip from...)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Another piece of logging software is....


Rotter is a Recording of Transmission / Audio Logger for JACK. It was designed for use by radio stations, who are legally required to keep a recording of all their output. Rotter runs continuously, writing to a new file every hour.

Rotter can output files in servaral different strutures, including all files in a single directory or create a directory structure.The advantage of using a folder hierarchy is that you can store related files in the hour's directory.

It is released under the GPL license.

Rivendell Installation in Ubuntu and Debian

If you want to install Rivendell in Ubuntu machine check out Alban's Blog.


50 Volt Line Transformers

To move audio from studio to transmitter without having the requirement of screened cable I use a 50 volt line transformer.
You need:-
All the part numbers (and photos) are from Jaycar Electronics.

1 x KC5152 Champ audio amp kit
Champ Audio Amp
2 x MM1900 Line transformers
Line Transformer

Feed the audio into the amplifier and then into the secondary of one transformer. The primary of the transformer feeds over the long cable to the primary of the second transformer. It then gets stepped down to line level at the destination.

Don't touch the wires between the 2 transformers. There could be as much as 50 volts AC!