Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bulk converting of Old PCM Wave audio into new mp2 format for Rivendell

This idea courtesy of Daniel Kahn on the Rivendell mailing list Oct 16, 2012.

 Take a copy of your library over to a machine with a Rivendell install
with nothing in the library.  Now run this on your library:

for i in *;do echo $i;j=`echo $i | sed
's/_[0-9].*.*$//;s/^.*_//'`;rdimport --to-cart="$j"
--normalization-level=-13 --autotrim-level=0 music "$i"; done

rdimport converts your library.  Now move the newly created library back
to your original machine.

I can't think why this shouldn't work.  I am sure someone can write a
cleaner scripted then me.

So my better half Monica modified it ever so slightly because it suited me and made a shell script.


for i in *.wav;
echo $i;
j=`echo $i | sed 's/_[0-9].*.*$//;s/^.*_//'`;
echo $j;
rdimport --verbose --segue-level=-10 --to-cart=$j --normalization-level=-13 --autotrim-level=0  --delete-cuts Album $i >> importlog.txt

#Note the line above this is all one line but gets word wrapped by google blogs.

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