Friday, February 15, 2013

Fade instead of STOP

This is from the Rivendell Mailing list from Wayne Merricks

Any suggestion where I can read of a way to FADE a playing source when we come to a live event rather than having to chop audio cold with the STOP button?  Im sure its here; I just cant find it.

Two simple ways of doing this:

Make a macro and stick it on the panel to fade to be fired manually
Make an aux log that fires a few seconds before the live event starts
to fade down the main log

The macro itself is fairly simple:

PS executes a stop with an optional log/port to stop and optional fade, so we'll do the following:

PS 0 5000! 
SP 5000! ( wait for 5 seconds, this is important otherwise the fade
will start, the macro will then nearly instantly terminate and the fade
will mess up before its actually finished fading (especially if an event
is queued to follow the fade)

The way I do it is to create an aux log so that I get a nice fade into
hard timed events that start on the hour and on the half hour.  My aux
log is a simple log that looks like the following:

00:29:54 Play Fade Macro
00:59:54 Play Fade Macro (etc etc for the whole day)

I chose to start it a second early as I had some odd results with
overlapping of macros and hard times that sometimes seemed to make the
times get missed and the hard timed event would therefore not auto
start.  The strange part was most of the time it worked fine but then
you'd get that call at 3 in the morning.  So I decided 1 second of dead
air was preferable to a phone call.

At the end of the aux log is a log chain to the same aux log (so that
the timed events refresh).

FYI don't put the macro in your main log as a timed event even though
it kind of makes sense.  My feeble brain expected a nice fade out but
the reality is an abrupt song stop, then 5 seconds of "fading" deadly
silence before the next event kicks in.

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