Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Configuring Tascam CD-X1500 to Auto Cue play etc

1. Reset the CD players to factory defaults in case you have already muddled them up.
-Put your finger on SHIFT key and turn JOG wheel.
-Take finger off SHIFT and then turn JOG wheel to 06 Factory Preset
(06 F_PrE)
-Push SHIFT momentarily to get SUrE prompt hit SHIFT to confirm.
2. Display will return to normal. Now hit SHIFT to show remaining time on cd (The countdown timer)
3. Hit FLASH button to turn off the word flash on display.
4. Hold finger on SHIFT & push BEND - key to put onto ACue mode.
5. Hold finger on SHIFT & push BEND + key to put onto ARdy mode.
6. Cycle through TEMPO functions to show 0.0 in display. Hold TAP key in for about 2 seconds. Tempo display will change to - - -
7. Take any CDs out of player. Hold Finger on SHIFT and hit the CUE button once... display shows PLY... hit CUE button once more to go to CUE mode.
8. Put cd on tray... close draw and cue button will flash for a few seconds... once its cued....CUE button will stay on and play will flash, till you hit the play button or your fader start.

Note. You'll have to do this for each side of cd player.

Triggering the player to start
Briefly touch the tip of a mono 3.5 mm phone plug on the case of the cd player and it will start going.

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