Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Using rdimport to import mp3 files

rdimport is a great tool to import large numbers of mp3s into your music database.

To find out how to use rdimport functions type

rdimport --help

How I used rdimport

So this is how I added a hole lot of songs to my RD database...

rdimport --verbose --segue-level=-10 Examplegroupname *.mp3

This imports everything with an MP3 file extension in a particular directory to the RD database, and places a SEQUE LEVEL fade point at the end of the track at such a point where the volume drops to -10dB. A new CART number is created for each file.

You are limited to approx 2000 songs in a directory for conversion using rdimport. If you have a larger number you would be best to split into 2 directories of say 1500 if you had 3000 songs in a directory.

The only songs that don't get converted with more than one DOT or comma in the file name. eg Artist Name - Song Name..mp3

or Artist Name - Song Name, Middle Name.mp3

Another thing you can do is make all the tracks CUTs inside the one cart.

rdimport --verbose --segue-level=-10 --single-cart Examplegroupname *.mp3

or if the CART already exists you can add CUTs to it.

rdimport --verbose --segue-level=-10 --to-cart=400 Examplegroupname *.mp3

Other things to consider with Linux and Unix based systems is all file names directory paths are case sensitive. eg Song Name.mp3 is different from song name.mp3 And when converting files using RDIMPORT... the group name is case sensitive.

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